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Terms and Conditions


These general conditions apply to your purchases from Negarin and on the website The terms constitute an agreement between you and Negarin, org. No. 556988-4272. By purchasing from and using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. We therefore ask you to read the terms and conditions carefully before using our site. At the same time, you confirm that you have read through and approved our Publishing & Privacy Policy.

Products and Assortment

We have both our own production of personal and specially ordered jewelery and also sales of other manufacturers. Our own manufactured jewelery is all name jewelery and most of the stone jewelery range.
We also handpick carefully crafted and valuable jewelery from other manufacturers to be able to offer a wider range to our customers.


All our jewelery is made from either gold or silver.
We make our silver jewelry from Argentium® silver 935/960, which has a higher silver content, and the gold jewelry from 18K gold.
Other products in our range from other manufacturers are made of sterling silver 925.


Order/purchase is made through our website either from our product range or special order page.

In order to be able to shop with us, we have an age limit of 18 years.

Order placement

When you place an order on our website, an automatic email is sent that your order has been received. After reviewing your order, we will send an electronic confirmation/invoice to your email address as confirmation of your purchase. It is therefore important that you enter the correct email address when placing an order. We recommend that you save the confirmation to facilitate any future contact with our customer service. The confirmation also constitutes your receipt that you completed the purchase.

For special orders, we will contact you with additional information and possible design suggestions. After you approve/choose selected designs, we will price and send you an order confirmation.

Placing an order without order confirmation has no binding responsibilities for us.

Delivery time

Delivery time varies depending on product and order.

  • Stock products are always shipped within 1-3 working days
  • Manufacture of jewelery with finished design is delivered within one working week provided no changes and applications are desired.
  • All special orders with special designs will be delivered within two working weeks.

Deliveries only take place to the civil registration address. When ordering, make sure that the address given matches the address in the civil registry. If the order is to be delivered to an address other than the accounting address, for example as a gift, contact us to resolve this.

The shipment and your responsibility

All shipments from Negarin are sent with Postnord within Sweden. If your order, contrary to expectations, does not arrive, contact us at email and answer the necessary questions so that we can report your shipment to Postnord. Complaints about damaged packaging, faulty goods or non-delivery must be reported to us within 7 days of the goods being sent from us. Reports received after this time will be investigated.

Please note that it is your responsibility that the address and user data are updated and correct. Be careful that both First and Last Name, Address with Street and Apartment/House number match what is stated on your mailbox/inbox. We are not responsible in cases where the information turns out to be incorrect and the shipment is then returned to us. (normally within about 14 days) In the event of this, we will contact you for compensation regarding additional shipping costs.


Our products are manufactured to live up to Negarin’s high quality requirements. The deadline for an individual product’s warranty varies depending on the manufacturer and brand, which can be read in the product’s description.

All our own manufactured products have a lifetime guarantee on quality and contents as declared in the product description. Products from other manufacturers are guaranteed durability as stated in the product description.

If the product is damaged during use, we can repair it for a service fee. When a product is returned within the period for which the warranty is valid, it will be repaired or replaced with a new item by Negarin, at no extra cost, within a reasonable time after the product has been returned. If your item has a defect that is within the scope of a warranty claim, you can contact our customer service through the contact form, or email us at, to proceed with the matter. To get faster help with this, you can include this information:

  • Order number
  • Images of the product and its damage, with varying distances to facilitate the return process at the assessment stage.

Negarin assures the customer that the product meets the appropriate standard for usability, reliability, and durability. The Negarin warranty does not cover:

  • Defects and damages due to loss, theft, fire, water or a natural disaster. (contact with water should be avoided)
  • Faults or damages caused by improper use, carelessness (hits, dents, crushing damage, abrasions, scratches, etc.) or accidents.
  • Faults or damages caused by unauthorized repair or modification by a third party, without the consent of Negarin.
  • Aesthetic changes, defects and damage due to normal wear and tear (e.g. minor scratches, material discoloration, surface scratches, etc.)

If you have questions regarding warranty, you can always contact our customer support at

Unclaimed shipments

You have 14 days to collect your package from the nearest representative. Immediately when the shipment reaches the specified address, a notification is sent via SMS or mail. If you do not pick up the shipment within 14 days, we will charge you for overhead costs related to return shipping to us, administrative costs that this entails and new shipping costs. The charge for uncollected shipment is SEK 350, then a charge of SEK 80 is added for new shipping. An invoice with the original amount of the order together with these amounts is sent from us on the same day that an undelivered shipment is registered.

Please note that the 14-day right of withdrawal expires in the event of non-collection and you are legally obliged to make payment. The new invoice has 10 days of credit, after which non-payment is immediately handed over to Collections. Once we have registered your payment, your order will be delivered again within 1-5 working days.

Return and right of withdrawal

You as a customer have the right to cancel a purchase within 14 days from the day the item is available for collection, provided that the item is not custom made to order, in accordance with consumer protection legislation. For the return to be approved, the returned jewelery must be in new condition when we receive it back. Return the jewelery together with the delivery note. We will refund the purchase price to you within 10 days after we have received the jewelry back. You are responsible for the return shipping and are responsible for the jewelry until it arrives at us.
A full refund applies under the circumstances that the product is unused and in new condition. If you wish to exchange with another product, the return amount can be used as credit towards the next purchase.

In cases where the product is used, Negarin reserves the right to decide on a depreciation deduction for the product or refuse the return.

Please note that returns and exchanges do not apply to ordered goods that are made uniquely for you or with a clear personal touch such as engraved products. Products with a sealed bag (hygiene articles) must not have a broken seal. In the event of a broken seal, the right of withdrawal or exchange does not apply. (examples of sealed products are earrings) In connection with making a return, it is your duty to inform Klarna about this so that you avoid a payment reminder. Negarin is not responsible for any reminder fees.
Please use the return form when returning the item(s). Pack the products carefully and return them in a shipment that will withstand the post. The return label is at the bottom of the form, which is cut out and attached to the outside of the shipment. Note – don’t forget to write your order number in the designated box on the return label and your return address on the back of the return.

Utilization of return policy

If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a customer is abusing the return policy in an unsustainable manner, Negarin has the right to cancel ongoing orders and/or pause the customer from future purchases. Please note that the policy only applies to cases where the behavior is systematic and thus cannot be applied to random or isolated cases. Examples of these cases are resale of ordered products, unsustainable and excessive buying behavior or fraud.


Negarin reserves the right to cancel an order without further justification. Negarin reserves the right for dimensional deviations on all products of up to 10%. (If it says “width approx. 10 mm”, the margin of error is 1 mm) Negarin reserves the right for possible image and writing errors on the page, such as errors in description, technical specification, prices and price adjustments. In the event of an incorrect price for an item you ordered, we strive to notify you of this and wait for your approval of the corrected price before we continue with the order. Negarin reserves the right to demand money from the customer if an incorrect price is displayed.

Force majeure

Negarin shall be exempt from damages and other penalties if the fulfillment of the agreement is prevented, hindered or delayed by any circumstance beyond our control. Such liberating circumstances shall include, among other things, government intervention, new/amended legislation, non-appearance of permits, war, fire, flood, labor market disturbances, bans, restrictions, sabotage, unfavorable transport or weather conditions or non-delivery from subcontractors, and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.